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Heart of Little Tokyo 1940
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Little Tokyo Map Set 1940
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Terminal Island 1940


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Los Angeles Basin Japantowns

By the early 20th century, Los Angeles rivaled San Francisco as a major port of entry from Japan, and a gateway to the western United States. It was the local hub for dozens of suburbs and nearby towns, plus a regional business "capitol" for Southern California and beyond.

Los Angeles had a large and complex Japanese American community centered on Little Tokyo, just east of downtown, but its reach extended far across the LA Basin. There were fishing towns, farming towns, suburban neighborhoods in all directions.

Besides Little Tokyo, Japantowns we have mapped or plan to map include Pasadena, Gardena, San Pedro, Terminal Island, and Boyle Heights. Also Orange County. See active links at left.

Other Japantowns (some covered by the Preserving California's Japantowns project) included Sawtelle (near Santa Monica), West LA, Compton, Long Beach...and that's probably just scraping the surface.

2nd draft 8/15/07


Planned additions:

Comprehensive history and representative photos
Overview map of Los Angeles (Japanese American centers surrouding Little Tokyo)
Bronzeville, JA Mapping Project, PCJ, JANM links
Resolve best place for graphic map links (compare Little Tokyo intro page).