Japantown Atlas - Los Angeles - Little Tokyo (introduction)

Little Tokyo Maps–Overview

Los Angeles' Little Tokyo was a huge neighborhood, and our working map is pretty big too, so let's start small. Here are thumbnails of two Little Tokyo maps.

Thumbnail Views of a. Little Tokyo, b. Heart of Little Tokyo, c. Walking Tour of Little Tokyo, and d. LA & Boyle Heights maps.

a. Our map of Los Angeles Little Tokyo (above left) shows the entire neighborhood in 1940, with selected modern landmarks. Near the heart of the neighborhood we've shown only selected landmarks (boxed area). Since our finished map is shoehorned onto an 11x17 inch page, and we can't make the type any smaller at 72 dpi, we've made two versions. The "normal version" is best for viewing on screen (but is too wide for most printers). The "printable version" cuts, rotates and stacks the JPEGs so they're hard to view on screen, but they print on 8.5x11 paper (you can cut out the maps and paste the two halves together).

b. Our Heart of Little Tokyo map (above center) shows the area around East First and San Pedro Streets in full detail, as it was in 1940. Even at this scale it was necessary to list the occupants at several addresses at the bottom of the page!

c. Map of today's Little Tokyo from Preserving California's Japantowns' online walking tour [will add a link once the tour is posted].

d. Map of downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo and Boyle Heights. This modern map will eventually also serve as an overview of outlying Japanese American businesses. (Future versions will extend east another 1/2 mile or so to Evergreen Cemetery at the end of East First Street, one of the few cemeteries with a Japanese section).

a.+b.You may download a PDF of both Little Tokyo maps and view it in Acrobat Reader. With this map you can zoom in and read the fine print, however both pages are 11x17.